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Troubleshooting OSC Network Issues

This procedure explains how to troubleshoot failures when accessing OSC using the OSC CLI or web application. If the OSC IP address is not configured according to the local networking requirements, network issues might occur.

Accessing OSC Console

Access OSC console when troubleshooting network issues. OSC console access in VMware and OpenStack environments are shown below:

VMware Deployments

For OSC installed on VMware, access the ESXi host by using the native vSphere desktop application or the vSphere Web Client.

Right-click on the virtual machine and select Open Console.

OpenStack Deployments

For OSC installation on OpenStack, go to the Instances page on OpenStack Horizon, select the OSC instance to troubleshoot, and then select Console.

IP Configuration Check

Enter the credentials at the login screen on the console. After a successful login, use the CLI prompt to check and configure the network using the following IP parameters:

OSC IP Address and Netmask

Check IP configuration on the OSC management port: show network ip

If the expected IP address and netmask are not shown, configure the IP address: set network ip

Gateway Address

Check network route to view the default gateway IP address: show network route

If the expected gateway address is not shown, configure the gateway address: set network gateway

Test Connection

After verifying network configurations are correct, ping a remote IP address to test network connectivity by using the command: